Communications cia world factbook

Telephones - main lines in use:
243,700 (2008)
country comparison to the world: 119

Telephones - mobile cellular:
16.304 million (2008)
country comparison to the world: 41

Telephone system:
general assessment: inadequate; fixed-line telephone system is small and inefficient; trunks are primarily microwave radio relay; business data commonly transferred by a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) system
domestic: no recent growth in fixed-line infrastructure and the sole provider, Telkom Kenya, is slated for privatization; multiple providers in the mobile-cellular segment of the market fostering a boom in mobile-cellular telephone usage with teledensity exceeding 40 per 100 persons in 2008
international: country code - 254; The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) and the SEACOM undersea fiber-optic cable systems; satellite earth stations - 4 Intelsat

Radio broadcast stations:
AM 24, FM 82, shortwave 6 (2008)

Television broadcast stations:
8 (2008)

Internet country code:

Internet hosts:
32,913 (2009)
country comparison to the world: 90

Internet users:
3.36 million (2008)
country comparison to the world: 56

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