Mount Kenya & Central Province Nyeri, Nanyuki, Nyahururu

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Mount Kenya located in the middle of the country was according to the Kikuyu inhabitants of the area the crone of their god named Ngai wa Kirinyaga (the god of Kirinyaga). To get to Mt. Kenya one drives from Nairobi through Thika town where it is possible to get to see the Chania Falls. At the Blue Post Hotel nearby you can get some refreshing drinks. Travelling on your Journey will then take you to Karatina or if you have more time to the Fourteen Falls or to Muranga (Fort Hall) the Garden of Eden of the Kikuyu with the local church and the various portrayals of Jesus Christ.

Mount Kenya

Through the A2 highway you arrive at Karatina from where one can see the peak of the Mount Kenya. Through a road with hundreds of potholes, finally one arrives at the bottom of Mount Kenya. For climbers the mountain offers routes to the two peaks Batian and Nelion to reach them it takes about three days. The climbing can be approached from any side and at about 4986 m is the Point Lenana to which even those without special mountain climbing abilities can get.From Karatina it will not be far to Nanyuki which lies across the equator. The equator is marked with a sign and 'official water experiment staff' will show you the water experiment i.e the different movement of water poured to the south of the equator or to the north.

Equator Water Experiment

To the north the road of Nanyuki will lead to Isiolo where one will be police escorted to the northern parts of Kenya like Lake Turkana or the famous Marsabit National Reserve. The western road to Nyahururu only should been used with a 4WD. In Nyahururu you can go to the Nyaki Hotel for a cheap price and rest, which you will especially need if you took the straight road from Nanyuki to Nyahururu in anything else than a 4WD car :). There you can visit the Thomson Falls which fall deeper than the Chania Falls and finally go on through the beautiful scenary of the Great Rift Valley on the B5 down to Nakuru and see its millions of flamingos.

Back to Kenya's main road it depends on one's condition whether to go on to the west of the country to Kericho, Kitale and to Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria or to direct back to Nairobi. Along the A105 to the capital city one can stop at Lake Elementaita or Lake Naivasha and also gets a wonderful view of the Rift Valley with its lakes, hot water springs and volcanic craters like the Longonot.

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