South Coast & Ukunda Diani Beach, Mwalimbemba and Chale Island

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South to Mombasa the famous Diani Beach is to be found. From Mombasa city one needs to use the ferry passing over from Mombasa Island to South Coast. Some 45 minutes ride will take you to that most beautiful beach side that also is a major attraction for the local Kenyans from upcountry to spend their holidays.

Most touristic hotels in Kenya are located at the Diani Beach near the small town of Ukunda.

Kenya's south coast beach is the most beautiful beach to be found. Compared with North Coast a big advantage is that the tide is not having such an effect as it has e.g. at Kikambala Beach. The clean white sand will make one feel to have reached the destination of all holiday dreams.

Diani Beach

Another tip is to see and stay on Chale Island with not far southwards from Ukunda. That place is very beautiful and there is "the Sands" hotel that might offer a very special luxurious accomodation in a calm surrounding. Also various VIP enjoy the hospitality their.

The small village of Mwalimbemba is only some minutes from Ukunda. If you find someone to show you the place please make sure to visit the Imam and maybe you assist him improving the school for the kids.

Mamba near Lunga Lunga

If you are keen seeing more of the rural area you can move on to Lunga Lunga and Mamba. These villages are very near the Tansanian border and the people over there are always happy to meet guests. You are even able to start a trip from Ukunda over to Tansania by bus. Make sure you have all necessary documents and vacinations.

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