Kisumu & Lake Victoria Kisumu, Kendu, Homa Bay, Kisii

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The biggest lake in Africa and the third biggest lake in the whole world is located bordering Kenya's western Nyanza province. Lake Victoria's size nearly reaches that of Ireland and is the home place of Hippos and the Nile Perch which was raised in the Lake for comercial purposes leading to a natural desaster - the extinction of many other fishes.

The Nyanza Province is the land of the Luo people that means 'fisheater' relating to their main food harvested as Lake Victoria's fruits. The area's capital is the former 'Port Florence' that nowadays is called 'Kisumu'. Kisumu beneath other parts in Kenya was pittily one of the worst hit places during the riots following the presidential elections at the end of 2007. Kisumu used to be a pretty nice place, quiet and friendly and still is very important for the country's and the whole east african's economy. From Nairobi the fastet way travelling to Nyanza and Kisumu is by airplane to Kisumu Airport.

Homa Bay

That airport is a small and funny place. Mainly backpack travellers and India originated people visiting their families in Kisumu are to be found here where check-in is a livining-room size place with an old fashioned weighing machine and luggage is to be picked by yourself from the luggage waggon near the maneuvering area. Travelling by train currently is not very much advisable as the railway towards the area is in too bad condition. Lake Victoria Homa BayAlso on the road by car will be an adventure and most likely a bit stressing because of the huge pothole fields called roads.

Kendu at Lake Victoria

From Kisumu and along the lakeside you have the opportunity to see some major attractions not know so well by the tourist masses travelling to the country. Sunset at Lake VictoriaNot far northwards near Kakamega one can see some remaing parts of the Rain Forrest. Along the lakeside make sure to stop over in Kendu and ask somebody to guide you to Lake Simbi a still beautiful and natural small lake in an active crater with hot spots.

All around Mount Homa after some hours and miles of bad roads Homa Bay awaits you with friendlyness and a nice view onto Queen Victoria's Lake. Further on you might want to see Ruma National Park or decided to go on with your round trip directing to the soap stone capital Kisii.

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